American Architectural Salvage

What we are:

American Architectural Salvage is a Social Enterprise of Westmoreland Community Action. American Architectural Salvage accepts tax-deductible donations of surplus and reusable building supplies from businesses, manufacturers, and the general public. We inspect all materials and will decline unsatisfactory, broken, or items with missing parts. Since our mission is to reuse these materials, they must be in saleable condition. We cannot accept hazardous materials like items that contain PCB’s, asbestos, mercury and flammable compounds.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a revenue generated business with a twist.  We earn our revenue (like any business) but it’s used to achieve social, community economic and environmental outcomes.  Our profits feed our non-profits. 

American Architectural Salvage's Mission:

To reduce landfill waste and promote the resale and reuse of goods, while financially supporting Community Action initiatives that help those in need.



American Architectural Salvage