***In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put together a resource list to assist you in finding resources that you may need.  We will update this as often as possible.***

Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance provides emergency assistance to individuals and families having difficulty paying their energy bills. WCA completes applications and connects applicants to the appropriate energy assistance programs such as the $1 Energy Program.

Eligibility for Emergency Assistance

Eligibility varies based upon individual energy program.

You may qualify for gas utility assistance if you make less than the 200% column for your family size on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For electric assistance, if you make less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify for assistance.

Download the guidelines and compare your income.

For More Information

Contact us for more information about the Energy Assistance Programs available in Westmoreland County.

Emergency Food Pantry

Westmoreland Community Action operates an Emergency Food Pantry from our main office. The pantry provides food to a family/individual in a time of crisis. Referrals can also be made to similar services found in other communities throughout Westmoreland County.

Food Bank

Westmoreland Community Action is a food pantry for the Westmoreland County Food Bank on the third Thursday of each month.

Eligibility for the Food Bank

You may qualify if you make less than the 150% column for your family size on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Download the guidelines and compare your income to the 150% column.

For More Information

Contact us for more information about Westmoreland Community Action Food Bank and Emergency Food Pantry.

Welcome Centers

Do you need help with basic needs like food, rent, or utilities? Do you know how to find assistance and resources? Visit or call our Welcome Centers to meet with a Resource Navigator today! Resource Navigators:

-can give emergency assistance to help you with immediate needs.

-can recommend WCA programs and other agencies who may be able to help.

-can provide coaching for your family’s current situation and long-term goals.


Westmoreland Community Action currently has two Welcome Centers:

316 Donohoe Rd.                                               212 North Chestnut Street

Greensburg, PA  15601                                   Scottdale, PA  15683

724-834-1260                                                      724-834-1260 Ext. 1147