Asthma and Tobacco Smoke

Asthma in Child Care Settings

Baby’s First Teeth

Bicycle Safety

Birth Certificate Application

Birth Control Guide


Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Candle Safety

Choking Foods for Children Under 3

Christmas Tree Safety

Clean and Safe Booklet

Clearing Air of Asthma Triggers

Clothes Dryer and Washer Safety

Common Cold; Upper Respiratory Infection

Cooking Safety

Dental Caries


Electrical Safety Month

EPSDT Schedule

Family Communications Plan


Fire and Burn Injuries

Fire Safety Checklist

Firework Safety

Flu; Fact or Myth

Food Allergies

Food and Water in Emergency

Food-borne Illness

Good Sleep

Grilling Safety

Hand Washing Songs

Hazards in the Home

Health Requirements

Healthy Drink Choices

Healthy Eating and Activity

How to Give Medicine to Children

Immunization Schedule

Influenza and You

Iron Deficiency in Early Childhood

Is it Really Health Insurance

Never Shake a Baby

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health Can Affect General Health

PA Fair Care; Uninsured Adults, Pre-existing Condition


Poisoning Fact Sheets

Preparing for Emergencies

Preventing Infectious Disease


Safety and Effectiveness of Medicine

Secondhand Smoke and Your Family

Secondhand Smoke

SIDS Info; Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play

Smoke Alarms

Thumb, Finger, or Pacifier Sucking


Tooth Brushing is Important

Tooth Brushing Songs

Tooth Decay in Young Children

Where Do Germs Hide

Winter Holiday Safety

Winter Safety; Playing Outdoors