Our Board and Staff


Board of Directors
President Mr. Barry Gaetano Gaetano Insurance Services
Vice President Ms. Janice Gebicki Community Representative
Secretary Mr. Terry Roberts City Wide Facility Solutions
Treasurer Mr. Scott Sistek Westmoreland County Maintenance
Solicitor Mr. John Prorok Maiello Brungo & Maiello, LLP
Commissioner Sean Kertes Jonathon Wian, Proxy
Commissioner Gina Cerilli Thrasher Don O’Brien, Proxy
Commissioner Doug Chew Heather Cordial, Proxy
Mr. Clyde Bittner Community Representative
Ms. Lucille Bittner Community Representative
Ms. Denise Flannigan Community Representative
Mr. Scott Guldin The Guldin Group
Mr. Bob Errett Community Representative
Ms. Joyce Long Community Representative
Ms. Lori Baccari Elliott Group
Mr. Frank Van Horn PNC Bank
Dr. Sydney Beeler Westmoreland Community College
Senator Kim Ward Dottie Staffen, Proxy
Mr. Joe Baughman Laurel Legal Services, Inc.
Representative Eric Nelson Tim Gribbin, Proxy


  Mandy Welty Zalich Chief Executive Officer 724-834-1260 ext 1105
  Jeffrey D. Diehl Chief Financial Officer 724-834-1260 ext 1104
  Tammy Patterson Vice President of Children and Family Services 724-834-1260 ext 4126
  Stacey Baer Vice President of Behavioral Health Services 724-834-1260 ext 1137
  Dan Giovannelli Vice President of Community Investment 724-834-1260 ext. 1151
  Denise Eyler Director, Human Resources 724-834-1260 ext 1101
  Jennifer Kemerer Executive Administrative Coordinator 724-834-1260 ext 1153



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