Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Programs are designed to assist chronically homeless individuals and families with securing safe, affordable housing. PSH Programs provide long-term, community-based housing along with supportive services. Supportive services enable special needs populations to live as independently as possible in a permanent setting. We currently have 4 different PSH Programs: Pathways Permanent Supportive Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing — Transitional Age, Permanent Supportive Housing — Pittsburgh Street House, and Permanent Supportive Housing for Families.

Program eligibility is based on HUD’s definition of chronic homelessness: (a) lives in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or in an emergency shelter; AND (b) has been homeless and living in one of these places continuously for at least 12 months OR on at least 4 separate occasions in the last 3 years, as long as the combined occasions equal at least 12 months and each break in homelessness separating the occasions included at least 7 consecutive nights of not living in one of the aforementioned places.

Interested applicants are required to submit an application through Coordinated Entry. We are no longer permitted to accept direct referrals for PSH Programs.  Applicants are encouraged to contact Westmoreland Community Action at (724) 834-1260 for information regarding the Coordinated Entry process.

Program Funding

WCA’s Permanent Supportive Housing Programs are funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.