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Homeless Not Helpless

Having a stable and safe place to live is essential to starting your adult life. If you or someone you know (18-25 years of age) is struggling to maintain a permanent address, you’re not alone. And help is available.

What is housing instability?

The word “homeless” can evoke images and situations that feel far removed from what young people are experiencing here in Westmoreland County. The reality is, if you are living in unsafe or unstable conditions – or do not have a permanent nighttime address – you may be experiencing housing insecurity. People use expressions like “couch surfing” or “doubling up,” and tell themselves it’s only a temporary situation. In fact, housing insecurity exposes you to physical and health risks, limits your employment opportunities, and can contribute to mental health and addiction issues.

Did You Know?

1 in 14 people experiencing homelessness are unaccompanied youth under 25.

Transitional Age Living Homes

The Transitional Age Living Homes (TALH) is a shared, independent living program for ages 18-25. In this program, three youths will share a home while working towards self-betterment through employment, college, or trade school, etc. Each individual receives supportive services from a Housing Stability Coach who will help develop a service plan, including transportation, budgeting and independent living skills. To be eligible for TALH, you must be between the ages of 18 and 25, currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, and are willing to work toward a plan for self betterment.

Developing a Whole Person Plan

During your time in TALH, you will be connected to other services throughout Westmoreland County according to your needs. These include services for:

  • Mental Health Support
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Employment
  • Human Service
  • Resources
  • Food and Nutrition

Don’t put it off. Take the first step on the path to independence.