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Housing, Counseling, & Money Management Center

Westmoreland Community Action’s Housing Counseling & Money Management Center offers training and resources designed to support families and individuals who are interested in purchasing their very own home.

The Housing Counseling & Money Management Center provides free housing counseling services to all Westmoreland County residents who have housing needs or problems that are potentially resolvable through homebuyer education and/or pre-purchase counseling. Those residents who choose to participate in our program are eligible (although not obligated) to purchase one of the homes constructed through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Low to moderate income families will also learn about mortgage products and services designed to help them be successful in purchasing and maintaining a home.

The Housing Counseling & Money Management Center offers a variety of educational classes and counseling services, including:

Pre-Closing Class

Focuses on foreclosure prevention, predatory lending and home maintenance. Participants are referred by mortgage lenders.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Provides the knowledge, skills, guidance and support necessary to achieve and sustain homeownership.

Homebuyer Education

Provides one-on-one comprehensive home-buying information and guidance based on your individual situation.

Credit Enhancement

Entails the development of a credit restoration plan based on credit report analysis, wise use of credit, budgeting and underwriting guidelines.

Predatory Lending

Equips residents with the knowledge to discern a credible lending institution from a lender who is seeking to set unfair terms with borrowers, thereby assisting the consumer in making
an informed decision.

Foreclosure Prevention

Familiarizes current and future homeowners with state and federal foreclosure prevention programs. Provides instruction in the areas of budgeting, wise use of credit, and mortgage assistance scams.

Fundamentals of Budgeting

Provides participants with the skills necessary to analyze their lifestyle and spending choices in relation to how well they reflect the participant’s income, debt obligations, savings goals, and long-term financial goals. Provides participants with a framework and guidelines for creating their own budget.

A Renter’s Guide – Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities Workshop

Provides an overview of the landlord and tenant relationship as it pertains to leases, landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, security deposits, repairs, remedies for breaches of the
lease, and evictions.

Additional Services

WCA has been approved by USDA Rural Development to package “502” and “504” loans. The role of a “loan packager” is to assist the applicant in preparing an application package.

USDA “502” Loan

  • 100% financing for very low and low income persons who meet eligibility guidelines and wish to buy or build a home
  • WCA will submit your application and supporting documents to the Rural Development Office

USDA “504” loan/grant

  • Provides assistance to very low income homeowners for home improvements to remove health and safety hazards
  • Provides assistance to very low income homeowners to make a home accessible for household members with disabilities
  • Maximum loan is $20,000 at 1% interest rate (maximum term is 20 years)
  • The “504” grant is available to very low income homeowners 62 and older
  • The maximum grant amount is $7,500
  • A combination of loans and grants may be used
  • WCA will submit your application and supporting documents to the Rural Development Office.

Program Brochure

The Housing Counseling & Money Management Center provides homeownership counseling and instruction to homebuyers participating in the following WCA collaborations:

  • Westmoreland County Housing Authority (WCHA) Homeownership Program
  • Monessen Redevelopment Authority Homeownership Project and the USDA Rural Development 502 loan program
  • City of Jeannette South Sixth Street Project