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Recovery Friendly Workplace



Building a recovery-friendly culture isn’t just beneficial for your employees in recovery or those with undiagnosed Substance Use Disorder—it’s good for every employee’s health, and for your business’ bottom line. You’ll promote productivity by recognizing recovery from substance use disorder as a strength, by hiring and working purposefully with individuals in recovery.

Recovery Friendly Workplaces:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to creating an inclusive environment

  • Promote a culture that challenges bias and stereotypes

  • Enhance workplace safety while improving productivity and profitability 


We can help your organization by:

  •     Providing potential candidates for employment

  •           Giving resources through our Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

  •           Conducting necessary staff Trainings


For more information, please contact:


724-834-1260 Ext. 2104 or 1113


“We gratefully acknowledge the state of New Hampshire Recovery Friendly Workplace for their collaboration on this project.”