Recovery Employment Partnership

The Recovery Employment Partnership (REP) program works with individuals age 18 and over who are in active recovery from Opioid Use Disorder that are either unemployed or under-employed. Referrals can come from a treatment center, RCO, or can be a self-referral. We assist these individuals with one-on-one Case Management, meanwhile offering 24/7 peer support from a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS).

Based on the individual’s needs, the services provided can include:

  • Resume skills
  • Communication skills
  • Mock-interviewing
  • Budgeting and financial management skills
  • GED classes
  • Drivers training courses
  • Job-specific trainings

The goal is to provide the skills necessary for the individual to find sustainable employment.

Working with the Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative, the REP program is able to offer job placement opportunities available from the RFW-recognized employers. Once employment is obtained, Case Management and CRS services are provided up to a 6-month successful job retention follow-up.

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Program Funding

The REP Program is funded through PA Dept. of Drug and Alcohol Programs.