The Shared Housing Program is designed to assist mental health consumers in securing housing. Unlike the Permanent Supportive Housing criteria, mental health consumers interested in the Shared Housing Program do not have to be chronically homeless. Also, the Shared Housing Program consists of 2-3 tenants living in the same home, rather than living in their own apartment. Each tenant has their own bedroom, treating the other rooms in the home as common areas.

Currently, there are two Shared Housing homes, one located in Mt. Pleasant and one in Jeannette. Referrals can be made by self-referral or through local mental health and/or community agencies.

For More Information

Please contact Carrie Lesniak, Housing Coordinator at 724-834-1260 Ext 1148

Program Funding

WCA’s Mental Health Programs are funded through Westmoreland County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, the PA Department of Welfare, and Value Behavioral Health.