Welcome Everyone

Creating a Welcome Program

The Welcome Everyone Program Is part of the Reimaging Westmoreland Comprehensive Plan created in 2018.  This program is meant to establish a “welcoming” county by fostering growth and development within Westmoreland County.  We must be willing to welcome new residents. As new residents look to make their homes in the many municipalities within Westmoreland, the County will become more reflective of the nation. Nurturing and implementing an open and inclusive environment within the County is critical to attracting and retaining new individuals and families to Westmoreland.


Prioritizing Inclusivity

Our desired result is to create a welcoming population that supports inclusivity and celebrates the diverse cultures throughout the County. These efforts should be delivered through a warmth that reflects the core character of the County and the unique small towns within it. As such, diversity and equity are assets to be nurtured and promoted by the County.